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We are introducing an efficient system to audit the payroll of each employee in a company. With this app and back-end an employer or HR can assign jobs to any location. So employer can track the employees whether he/she is present in that location or not. This app is also used for attendance purposes such as group punch-in, offline punch-in, bio-metric punch-in and many more. EM tracker is proudly presented by team progdest- A software firm which has innovatively operates in the field of web and mobile applications.

 Get Know Your Employees Status  and Track your employees, efficiently in India, UAE, Dubai

Em tracker Features

Powerful Features

Office Punch-in and punch-out

Using EM tracker we can assign same job for a time period (example attend office all day in one month)

Day based/ Job based punch-in/punch-out

EM-tracker gives admins a provision to decided whether an employee can punch-in Day based or Job based

Location based punch-out mode

This feature enables the employer to restrict punch-out to the job location only.

Real-time tracking

Employer can get precise location of employee at a particular time. Also he can get each employees previous location details

Late punch-out request

EM tracker facilitate to request employees to plea for punch-out from the app. So admin can either accept or reject that plea.

Leave request

This Feature give you the provision for requesting leave for a day or more. Also it can be accountable to attendance

Attendance reporting

Now no need to calculate leaves and lack of job attendance. EM-tracker will present itself to account attendance of each employee

Job duration

EM tracker shows each jobs duration of completion. It will give a clear idea how efficient a particular employee to his job

Group punch-in and punch-out

Using this facility we can arrange employees as group and assign jobs to that group.

Offline Group punch-in and punch-out

No need to worry about GPRS or wifi connection EM tracker gives you to punch-in and out even if you are offline.

API integration

EM tracker can easily integrate with your existing software by simple APIs. Through our unbeatable security measures, we provides the most reliable API connections

Chat facility

Employees can chat with the employer if they need any instant assistance form employer or from other employees

Em tracker works

How it works

Job assigning

Job notification to employees

Navigate to job location

Location based punching

Punch out when work finish

Attendance mark

Mobile Based Punch-in & Punch-out

Mobile based punching is an enchanting feature of Em- tracker system. This feature Enables, employees to punch-in either from the office premises or a predefined, admin allocated location. So employer can confirm whether employee is present or not for his work. Also it is very useful for employee to find and locate his workstation more easily.

Mobile Biometric Attendance Application in Dubai, UAE, India

Bio-metric punch-in / out

EM tracker has using the Biometric uniqueness to identify each employee. We are using thump impression for biometric identification. With a small extension of biometric scanner extension we can make the same EM tracker as biometric attendance system. It is also easy to transport no need any additional technical support to move. Also we are providing Biometric extension who needed that.

Live Employee Tracking Map

Live Tracking

Get know your employees current position with EM tracker. EM tracker provides a facility to track your employees lively. We don't need any extra gadgets for that. It is embedded inside to our app. Also we get history of each employees locations at particular time. With this feature you can monitor your employee efficiently. By adding google maps additional features make the monitoring very effective

Group Punching Attendance System

Group punch-in / out

Using this facility we can arrange employees as group and assign jobs to that group. Not only that but also we can punch-in through one login (group leader's login). When group leader logins with his credentials he can see his group members. And all team members can punch-in or out with his credentials. Group leader can also send leave request, late punch-in request for employees.

Vehicle tracking

Do you want to track your company vehicles too. EM tracker provides tracker not only employees but also vehicles too. EM tracker exclusive GPS device will integrate your vehicle the you will get the accurate position of your vehicle at point of particular time. Also we are provides route history of that vehicle. Vehicles speed and fuel status will be add-on to our application.

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